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Waters of Reflection

Joseph D'Souza - Saturday, August 16, 2014

Waters of Reflection from QuestUniquE and The ROQUE Model

Waters of Reflection

I was just fascinated that even flowing water

Reflects its environment like a mirror

Perhaps reflections are always there

-          Rather, it was I that did not notice.

Or was it because I was in other places

That I did not know to look?


And is this not how we perceive

Or take in information

Even become energized?

Sometimes we are lost within or perhaps mostly

Then also engrossed in the sensorial

And what we experience ends up being how and where

We live from!


Then we notice things

The elements and components of our world

Sometimes the whole world and sometimes just parts of it!


We relate with our heart

We relate with our head

Sometimes both and sometimes

With one more than the other


And then we are

Who we are to ourselves

And even others may see us as we are

Or not!

And so it is with waters of reflection

-          Not just beautiful nature

For everything we experience through our senses

We modify with how we relate

When we relate, what we relate, where we relate

And why we relate even when we

Are just being and not particularly seeking.


Perhaps not just calming waters

Perhaps all around us

Live metaphors for how we live

-          And how we grow and become

And how we take and give

Of our very essence

As our own play into our world.


Joseph D’Souza

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