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The Business Case for Coaching in organizations

Joseph D'Souza - Monday, April 20, 2015

Individual leaders, executives and professionals believe in the value of coaching.

The challenge typically presents itself with:

  • Do we have a culture that is brave enough to explore?
  • Can coaching have an impact on performance?
  • Do we have a budget for coaching?
  • Does coaching a investment need to come from Training, the HR  department, a departmental or divisional budget?
  • Who are the right coaches to help us?

Individuals who have invested in coaching with QuestUniquE say:

  • I never had the opportunity to reflect on my personal journey before i.e. not just role performance, rather,
    1.  to think about myself as a human being
    2. to consciously be aware of my self in the context of my family and key relationships
    3. and yes about my professional life though only as a support of 1 and 2 above
  • I can see how coaching can help others in my team
  • I can see how coaching can help the culture in this organization
  • It is amazing how the pressure of task performance overrides engaging with my colleagues as fellow human beings
  • Leading others is actually easy when you respect others
  • Coaching taught me about my own integrity and the value in others
  • My coaching journey actually enhanced my communications inside and outside the company
  • It is difficult to put into words what this coaching is doing for me - I am a different person, yet it is still me
  • Reflecting of my values, strengths, personality, emotional intelligence, and my holistic self actually gives context, meaning and purpose. Yes these are the key anchors that helped me.
  • Can you believe I discussed, shared and talked about my passions at work... and got respect for it?
  • People say I have changed - become calmer, tolerant, patient and even someone to go to!
  • I used to think I was very busy. In fact, I was well under utilized in terms of my own potential.
  • Getting feedback from the coaching mirror of reflection enables me to give others better value adding feedback
  • The experience of coaching has taught me about the art of separating the problem whilst having the conversation
  • Coaching is not a bad word associated with poor performance. Quite the contrary!
  • There is a safe environment that coaching allows where I can test my thoughts
  • Coaching allowed me to positively identify potential in others even if it means to replace me
  • Coaching taught me that  I am not in competition with others

The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership has provided a useful document entitled: The Business Case for Coaching:

Risk? Self Confidence? Context?

Joseph D'Souza - Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Are the risks you take conditional? If so, on what? If you knew you were going to succeed would you doubt yourself? If someone else told  you how, would you? If you saw others trod a dangerous path would it make it easier for you to follow? Do you trust in your faith or belief above what some may call common sense?

And then again, without seeing the whole picture, the full scenario, the 'other' and 'normal' way in that circumstance, would you make your assessment and therefore assumptions just on the extracted information? Would you believe only what you can see?

A very good friend of ours Jan came into our lives at mutually interesting times of change. Up to that point, I was more of a city and suburban person. Now with a lifestyle 'tree change' there was much to learn. Jan had five young teenage boys - Stewart, Pete, Matt, Trevor and John. The boys were weaned not only on rural life but even for their ages were most experienced in timber yard and forestry skills. Before these lads, thoughts of chainsaws just conjured up scary images. They taught me with great patience and magnanimity new skills and now with practice, I always think of how they converted a fear, a risk in me into productive labour on the property. With them I learned confidence in tractor driving. After all if they could make quad bikes fly, why couldn't I drive a tractor! Through the lads I saw the wider context of living and working on a rural property as lifestyle - not just chore. Through them I learned about contractors and earth moving equipment - and how I could leverage those services instead of being overwhelmed by size of execution. This allowed me to dream bigger.

Indeed, risk, self-confidence and context are keys to executing on a quest no matter the scale. Have you taken risks or is risk aversion a preferred strategy? Do you have self confidence in all you do? Do you position challenges and stepping stones in their wider contexts? If yes or no, how is that working for you? So what will you do next?

Then Jan shared this video clip on social media dedicated to her boys!

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