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What anchors you even as change is the norm?

Joseph D'Souza - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Change happens every single time a person’s expectations are disrupted both in our professional and personal lives"...."The most important skill we need to develop for the 21st century is our ability to build strong partnerships". Says Ayelet Baron. Yes we agree.

And how do we develop strong relationships? Why, by firstly a good degree of self understanding. It is in the act, the realization, the knowing, however pedestrian, however small, that we begin to adopt humility and magnanimity. If you can genuinely respect, consider and even value that others are just as entitled to their own unique perspectives, then change is nothing more than a change in perspective!

At QuestUniquE we encourage all individual, teams be in in the workplace or domestic or social life to start their journey of self understanding by considering FIVE KEY ANCHORS which extend to YOUR TRUE NORTH. It is indeed amazing how when every challenge of change is examined through these filters,that strategies for leveraging already available competencies and individual resources emerge!


A little more on The FIVE KEY ANCHORS and YOUR TRUE NORTH.


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