The ROQUE Family

These simple models of questions and statements are designed to be meaningful conversation starters.
In this context, they become for the individual, the Right TIME, in the Right PLACE, with the Right INTENTION, for the Right PERSON who will take the Right ACTION!

The ROQUE model brand includes the following family members. Each of the model is included in a coaching program as appropriate where you and your coach are partnering to help you achieve specific objectives.

  • ROQUE for Leadership - a snapshot for the journey in Leadership Development, Team Leadership, Manager of People
  • ROQUE for Women in Leadership - a stepping stone to leverage the unique perspectives and experiences of successful business women
  • ROQUE for Small Business - Business Owners holistic challenges
  • ROQUE for Business Strategy - A barometric indicator for how well your strategic direction is supporting business
  • ROQUE on Innovation - Is your work really innovative?
  • ROQUE for Information Management - Are your primary processes and management structures giving your business the information to support leadership and direction decisions?
  • ROQUE for People Talent and Potential - Do you see your team as People or only utility and resources?
  • ROQUE on Professional Development - So what is your roadmap?
  • ROQUE on Career - Career, Profession, or Vocation?
  • ROQUE on Team Building - Are you teaming or working at the same time?

  • ROQUE on Financial - Questions about your life matters, not financial products, offerings or services.
  • ROQUE on Lifestyle - Your choices or otherpeople's or circumstances?
  • ROQUE on Retirees - Your Value, Your Rewards,
  • ROQUE on Relationships - A snapshot of your Emotional Intelligence
  • ROQUE for Seeking Employment - What are your guiding Values and Passions?
  • ROQUE on Sustainability - So what does sustainability mean to you?

  • ROQUE on Professional Coaching - Your Voactional Health Check
  • ROQUE on Professional Consulting - Your Vocational Health Check
  • ROQUE for Professional Mentoring - Your Voactaional Health Check

Coming soon by client request:

  • ROQUE for Women over 50
  • ROQUE for Teenagers
  • ROQUE for Becoming the Manager you aspire to be
  • ROQUE for Reflecting on Your Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  • ROQUE on Seven Holistic Influences - Reflecting on your intercultural understandings
  • ROQUE on Your Project Management Nous - for the non-professional project manager
  • ROQUE on Your Emotional Capital - Taking Emotional Intelligence further

ROQUE on Leadership

1. Your Leadership REALITY now
• How would you rate your performance in the following seven core dimensions of leadership?
• A Visionary and inspiring leader in the eyes of your leadership team
• Organizational Intelligence for effective and efficient synchronicity
• Insightful challenge management with internal fortitude
• Compelling change agent with right balance of assertiveness and empathy
• Respect commanding communication skills with high emotional intelligence
• High self knowledge, understanding, with a drive for achievement
• Optimistic, inner balance, and in control of emotional nature

2. Exploring OPTIONS to enhance your Leadership effectiveness
• What choices do you have to help you better steer your organization in each leadership area?

3. Your own Leadership QUEST forward
• What key decisions do you have to make for the organization that is demanding on your leadership?

4. You are a UNIQUE Leader and there is no confusion with who is!
• What is your current 360 degree feedback impression and what does it need to be for your future leadership success?

5. Executing your Leadership goals
• Can you commit and demonstrate your leadership-self alignment to your organizational mission?

ROQUE for the Professional User

ICF Code of Ethics
The QuestUniquE philosophy and methodology, ROQUE family of discovery and coaching tools, and the ROQUE coach's questions, all adhere to the International Coach Federation standards of coaching. We fully subscribe to the ICF Definition of Coaching.

It is a condition of our coaching practice that the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct are respected and honoured at all times within our professional coaching engagements. This includes:
- Professional Conduct at Large
- Professional Conduct with Clients
- Confidentiality
- Conflicts of Interest 

The ICF Pledge of Ethics 

As a professional coach, I acknowledge and agree to honour my ethical obligations to my coaching clients and colleagues and to the public at large. I pledge to comply with the ICF Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards with those whom I coach. If I breach this Pledge of Ethics or any part of the ICF Code of Ethics, I agree that the ICF in its sole discretion may hold me accountable for so doing. I further agree that my accountability to the ICF for any breach may include loss of my ICF membership and/or my ICF credentials.

The ROQUE accreditation program:

One day (10:00-16:00hrs) 

    • Coach with a certification in coaching (non denominational ie Life, Business, Executive etc)
    • Member of a recognized Federation (eg ICF, IEC, etc)
    • Accredited in at least one psychometric instrument or methodology (eg MBTI, DiSC, EQ, NLP etc)
    • Appropriate RPL will be considered

    • Most qualified psychologists receive pre-approval

    • 10 individuals completed the ROQUE on line instrument @ AU$11:00 (plus AU$1.10 GST in Australia), internationally US$10.00.

    • Contribution towards venue expenses and group lunch

    • Minimum 3 people – maximum 5 (Single person by arrangement)

    • Fee for Accreditation: $0.00 (Now and all times to support the strategic intent of introducing the ROQUE model and achieving the widest possible affordable access globally).

    Professional use of ROQUE 

    • Accredited coaches owe NO commissions or royalties for ANY coaching programs they derive from the use of ROQUE
    • All coaches assume appropriate liability within their own business operations and processes.
    • ROQUE may be used within existing coaching, teaming, personal development or professional development or corporate programs.
    • Special interest groups may elect to direct their effective contribution to a nominated specific Community Aid Program. For every ROQUE administration of AU$11:00 (plus AU$1:10 GST in Australia), internationally US$10.00, AU$5:00 is allocated to a CAP. If 10 program applicants are processed, then AU$50:00 is the CAP allocation. A further AU$10.00 is allocated to a volunteer fund.
    • A coach may also elect that all his/her coachees CAP contributions be directed to the coach’s preferred CAP. In the spirit of ROQUE, all that is asked is that the three guiding principles are considered. See how ROQUE helps others.
    • Corporations may also nominate pre-existing CAPs to support their own contributions to the community.

    ROQUE and the Stella Maris Trust

    • All contributions from the ROQUE administrations ie AU$5:00 from every fee will be paid to the Stella Maris Trust as the single distribution channel for all donations made to considered Community Aid Programs.
    • Currently the Stella Maris Trust is independent from Joseph D'Souza & Associates Pty Ltd and this separation is strategic to afford independence and autonomy to the Board of Trustees.
    • In time, the Stella Maris Trust may elect to become a not-for-profit organization
    • In time, the Stella Maris Trust may elect to become a registered charity
    • A further AU$1.00 will be allocated to a volunteer fund for distribution to individuals via a bona fide process.
    • It is the intent that as revenues become available to Joseph D'Souza & Associates through the ROQUE administrations, Volunteer contributions will be made to the Board of Trustees to recognize and compensate for their volunteered efforts in administering the Stella Maris Trust.
    • It is the intention that ALL CAP contributions from the ROQUE model administrations be made free of any management costs.

    Continuous Improvement

    The ROQUE model and associated processes will be constantly reviewed, updated and improved in the spirit of achieving:

    • the WIDEST possible global reach to assist interested individuals
    • the motivation to support Community Aid Programs and materially make a difference by tapping into the individual potential and inspire good aspirations for genuine community development based on the unique contribution of every individual
    • A recognized tool and service of integrity and good intent

    Intellectual Property

    • All introduced nominee details for the ROQUE process remain the marketing property of the independent coach.
    • Recommended introductions from non coaches are free of the above marketing property rule.
    • All corporate funded nominees are treated as belonging to the corporation for all contact purposes.
    • Research statistics are collected for each ROQUE administration. These include country of administration access, age group, sex, profession or occupation
    • Data will be used to build scientific standards and norms for industry recognition in time for the ROQUE model.
    • The ROQUE family models are currently marketed and introduced as a ‘mirror of reflection’ conversation starter with qualified professionals who may be either coach, psychologist, counsellor, trainer, educator, or Human Resources professionals (vocational).
    • The QuestUniquE methodology and ROQUE models and tools are the Intellectual Property of and Copyright 2003 of: Joseph D’Souza & Associates Pty Ltd, ABN: 38 114 315 150

    Please feel free to download this template to use the ROQUE Coaching Tool.

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