You are helping others by using ROQUE  

ROQUE helps others by making a contribution from your payment for the use of the instrument. This money goes to The Stella Maris Trust which acts as the distributor of funds to projects within community aid programs.

Stella Maris

Stella Maris is the name of an independent Community Aid Program Trust. It is so named after the first Stella Maris Club created by Roque and Theo in the 1960's in Mombasa, Kenya to create an environment for youth support activities. Joseph D’Souza & Associates is committed to a target of raising and distributing AU$1,000,000 via Stella Maris.

The Board of Trustees are Volunteers and all contributions to the trust are distributed without any administrative costs.

This commitment reflects the QuestUnique teams values of recognising our place, role and duty in the Global community. From the perspective of our citizenship in the world, we are living, exchanging and making real a Global Village – where human beings live through philosophy, culture and aspiration in harmony with our worldly heritage through all the natural kingdoms. We each have the potential to reach out and share the wisdom of life and growth across borders, continents and experience – no matter our relative state to each other.

When you use ROQUE, you pay AU$11.00 (plus $1.10 GST, Australia only) or Internationally US$10.00. AU$5.00 goes towards causes to aid community development programs. ROQUE’s contribution supports the individuals who personally and physically carry out this work. Typically this will be through volunteer organizations of international repute and public recognition. The ROQUE-on-line tool will be offered free to recipients of the community development programs services. 

Projects will be selected for funding contributions using three Guiding Principles: 

Help him to discover for himself how to fish, nurture and leverage his resources and he will cook, share and he will be without hunger for himself and those he supports for much longer. 

Question: What skills education will be deployed to make the project and its outcomes sustainable?

With self-understanding, comes self-awareness 

With self-reflection comes a sense of being responsible and being accountable 

With self-respect comes a respect for others and one’s surroundings

Question: What personal development or self education will the project provide for the benefiting individuals in the community?

Directions take away self-will and choice 

Sign Posts open worlds of possibilities 

Mirrors of Reflection test and challenge: they offer Clarity, Meaning and Purpose 

Question: What empowerment is given to receiving individuals to tap into their own potential and give of their unique value?

Supporting Volunteers

A few years ago Sister Celine Quadros, then Provincial for the Asia Pacific Region of the organisation Daughters of Charity was asked: What can we as professionals do to make a difference in your world of vocation? Her answer was immediate, direct and succinct: "We need more individuals to make and give of their time. The caring world is about time spent with people during their time of need. The contribution of time goes much further than just money."

We have taken this inspiration, to set our additional goal . . . 

A further AU$1.00 from your payment to use the ROQUE instrument will be credited to a volunteer fund. This resource will be used to make adhoc payments to cover expenses of individuals providing volunteer services in their local communities.

In summary, AU$6.00 from your reflection with ROQUE will be supporting others.

All funding contributions are independently audited and available for the public record on request.