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Your True North

Joseph D'Souza - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Self Understanding is the first step to better Self Leadership.

Effective self leadership enhances good management and leadership of others.

How well do you consciously know your self?

What Values cause you to make decisions in particular ways?
What are your strengths?
What is your psychological personality type?
How developed is your emotional intelligence?
How congruent are your self, relational and paid work aspirations?

Do you really know the passions that are causing you to move in certain directions?


At QuestUniquE we use propriety instruments to create your individualized TRUE NORTH template. Please email for a free pdf file.

When you need to make some decisions

Joseph D'Souza - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sometimes making a decision is hard because of the competing values for you.

So how do you prioritize? The ROQUE Starter suggests the following:

Think about the context of the variety of decisions you have to make. ROQUE suggests the three following categories:
      1. You are a Human Being first - What drives you to become fulfilled?
        1. You live in a world where Relationships matter - What is important to them for you?
        2. You live in a world where you contribute to providing for your key relationships - 
        3. How best can you support them?
    • Feel free to download this template to help you:

This video clip will guide you:

Noble Sun of Ebb and Flow

Joseph D'Souza - Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just a close of one cycle. 

Just a heralding of a new phase. 

And this very sunset is a dawn in another place. 

As the setting sun orchestrates the stilling of nature, so are some inspired to withdraw or meditate.  And the Baboons of Africa will know when to awake and stand still as if in prayer to worship the rising sun. It is small wonder that a life giving sun commands such awe.

What a beautiful perspective in the metaphor to remind us of when we are high and when we are low. It is the ebb and flow we know of life.

Cracks of Dawn

Joseph D'Souza - Friday, August 12, 2016

And the Sun does not move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When seasons come and go or even linger. When globes and worlds are traversed with this Earthly nature, one thing is certain: The Sun will rise in the morning!

And so to me it seems, that dawnings of a day signal time to change direction from inner to outer and experience afresh. And this is true of new beginnings of every experience we so call, in the journey of life.

Beauty or weed

Joseph D'Souza - Thursday, August 11, 2016

And some say Beauty whilst others call it Weed!

It is because we think we need the labels, that we indeed do limit the potential of experience.

I am the change I see

Joseph D'Souza - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I am the change I see

For No Thing is ever still

I may respond, I may react

Or I may not

Some change is slow, and some quite fast

One thing I know

The movement is a universal dance

Which fairies which garden

Joseph D'Souza - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

There is much to be said about going to talk to the fairies. 

The question is: Which fairies do you go to 
where is that garden that you nurture for them?

What season are you in?

Joseph D'Souza - Monday, August 08, 2016

Wherever we are, there is a season. 

Wherever we are we may think of another season. But what season is the mindset we are experiencing the present moment with? Is it tainted by joy or sadness, by enthusiasm or restraint? 

Its not Autumn here but its coming over there! What season are you in wherever you are? And in your heart and in your mind, what season do you feel?

We are each on a unique quest

Joseph D'Souza - Sunday, August 07, 2016

One flower and its inflorescent quest.

We are each exotic and unique to ourselves and to others. For our Quest is Unique.

Just as there can be no identical co-ordinates for any two locations, in one sense at least, no two are the same. Even as the holistic perspective synergizes and synthesizes, each component has a variation for unique and individual expression.

Story on a tree

Joseph D'Souza - Saturday, August 06, 2016

What is your story? 

You may wish to share to some or none. Your story has a signature. Others can see it or even experience it in awe or wonder. It is your story. Live with where your collection began knowing you will have more to add, yet always aware of how you enable your experiences to shape your story.

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