is a brand that defines the philosophy and guiding values of the coaching business within Joseph D'Souza and Associates Pty Ltd.

It says:
Every individual is respected as unique from the perspective of the person’s life’s journey to date
What they choose to aim for is equally a unique quest for the individual and therefore treated with respect

QuestUniquE acknowledges the person's own perspective and outlook from the start of a coaching process. This includes: 

Their aspirations
Their conscious intention with congruence of head and heart
Their guiding values and philosophy
Their individual uniqueness and unique needs to be met before they can achieve

The QuestUniquE journey to represent this foundation uses the metamorphic process in rock formation as a symbol:

The QuestUniquE journey to represent this foundation uses the metamorphic process in rock formation as a symbol:

Technically metamorphism is the transformation of a pre-existing rock type. Prolonged time, temperatures, moisture and pressures are key process ingredients. This maps well to the concept that as human beings, we are subject to pre-conditions such as genetic make-up, geographic location, social and philosophical conditioning. In addition, our life and history of event-shaping experiences colour our perspectives. In particular, our unconscious passive acceptance of changes and challenges when we do not or are unable to make decisions from choice only show up as obstacles or apparent luck only in hindsight. Sometimes we have dared to go where our families and peers hesitated! We were proactive and conscious in our motivations. We are who we have become so far. We must acknowledge this reality. At QuestUniquE we refer to this as the MetamorphiQUE acceptance.

A key companion metaphor we use at QuestUniquE is that of the caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. We refer to this transformative experience as ChrysaliQUE. From pre-existing form i.e the individual at their current journey stage, the ROQUE process is about the individual building the transformative chrysalis journey. This is about the trials of evolving thought and mind processes of reflection (cf QuestUniquE’s ROQUE Mirror of Reflection). Then a resilient and strong butterfly is released. ROQUE becomes in effect the safe pupa that offers protection to the evolving coachee inside. Sometimes the chrysalis is wrapped in silk – metaphorically the delicate or sensitivity from respect, nurture and caring mindset of the coach.

We add a further metaphor to the allegory. The eagle appears to have the instinct to live in the realm of the higher atmosphere, but still remain connected and balanced to the Earth. In native American tribes, eagle feathers are treasured as sacred and addressed in healing practices. "The Eagle is seen as living in a state of grace that can only be achieved by completing the steps of initiation through hard work and awareness. The message of the eagle may be prompting you to gather your courage and soar above the mundane."

This eagle symbol reflects the ultimate aspiration of the individual and the supporting coach for that unique individual. In psychological terms it has been well expressed as the stage of: ". . . the elimination of the encumbrances, a process of liberation from our complexes, our illusions and from identification with the various parts we play in life, the masks we assume, with our idols, etc. It is a release in the etymological sense of the term, a freeing and activation of latent potentialities." (Roberto Assagioli , M.D.; Transpersonal Development).

The black swan and reflection symbolises our 'inner' explorations whilst the white swan and reflection represents our experiences in the 'outer' world. In Jungian understanding, this is how we derive and focus our energies between Extraversion and Introversion. We do both and some of us tend to focus more on one direction than the other - both being valid for the individual. According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl G Jung, in trying to understand differences in behaviour, he concluded that our orientation results from inborn tendencies. The swan is rich in symbolic attributes in various cultures and ancient wisdom traditions. Respecting this 'vehicle' and 'grace' of the swan image in individuals offers additional levels of perspectives in the conversation between individual and coach.

At QuestUniquE our coaches' mind set reflects a wisdom which respects that the individual has choice and will. The mind set is: