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Do you have Leadership capacity? Can you recognize it in others? Do you dare to be visionary and inspirational? How will you know?

About Questunique

QuestUniquE is a network of professional coaches who believe every individual has the opportunity and choice to tap into their own potential.

Are you a Leader?
Is your Leadership style congruent with your emotional self?
Do you have questions you need to ask and reflect in confidence?
Do you need to discuss ideas for your next professional mission?
Do you need guidance to give you clarity about what next?
Do you need to re-evaluate work and life priorities?
Are you ready for change - personal and professional?
Do you have the right accountability checks in the execution of your goals?
What is ultimate success for you today?
How much of your own potential are you tapping into?
As an Executive, Manager or Professional are you performing at your peak? Are you as effective as you can be?
As an individual human being, where are you 'headed'?
What choices have you considered as being open to you?
Is your head and heart in sync? Is there congruency in your decision making?
Do you understand your self needs to grow and become more of you?
How committed are you to make the changes you want?
Are you a business interested in growing services, value and income?


Our Values

Respect for the Individual as Human Being
Respect for the Individual’s Life Journey to where they are now
Respect for the Individual’s Potential

Personal Growth

The Pursuit of Excellence
Openess and Beyond One-Sidedness
Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence
We live in a Global Village of borderless Knowledge and Wisdom exchange

Can you be a leader and still be a human being?

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What is The ROQUE Model?

The ROQUE Model is an instrument that prompts you to reflect on your personal journey of fulfillment through exploring and discovering options about questions within yourself.

It helps you assess your current REALITY – as of right now.
It encourages you to explore OPTIONS available to you.
It assists you in clarifying pathways to your goals with head and heart – within your QUEST.
It asks you to evaluate, treasure, respect and develop your UNIQUE-ness.
It challenges you to commit and take control to EXECUTE your goals!

By paying AU$11.00 (+GST in Australia only) to use the ROQUE model, AU$5.00 of your fee will be distributed to
community aid programs. A further AU$1.00 will be allocated to a Volunteers fund for supporting individual volunteers.

The ROQUE suite of tools has been developed by QuestUniquE 

R = Current REALITY:
What is happening in your life right now

In this section, we look at what is going on, the REALITY in three key areas of your everyday life: Your SELF as a human being – your personality, your emotional nature, and your philosophical or spiritual outlook (this could include institutional faith).Your RELATIONAL-self looks overall at key relationships - social, recreational or entertainment. Your PROFESSIONAL-self refers to all aspects of professional/occupational or income generating activities. This includes satisfaction and performance, IQ, skills, education, experience, networks, and mentors.

What Options do you currently see in your life? 

In this section we consider, and look for Options that are known and open to you and also those that may never have been considered before. Rarely is one forced into doing things. You have choices, irrespective of circumstances or events, yet only when you seek out options. Choosing to follow certain actions makes life much more interesting and gives you a sense of control. Being pro-active rather than being re-active gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability. Seeing many choices or options indicates your own increased awareness in all the elements of the circumstances you find yourself in, or encounter. Do you ask yourself: “What if?”

What are you GOING TO DO? 

What is your Quest?

In your Quest from the Heart and Head, you have aspirations. When you have ‘Head’ goals, these are what you think you ought to do. You use rationale to support you. When you have ‘Heart’ goals, these are what you feel you ought to do – you have emotion and passion. Sometimes this is referred to as your intuition. At this QUEST level, you need to test that what you think and feel are aligned. That there is integrity and congruence rather than conflict or that ‘torn between feeling’.

When you set yourself targets or goals, sometimes you are so passionate about the outcomes that you do not even need to think. Your drive replaces the need to articulate or share them. Intuitively you even know you can rationally explain yourself. However, research confirms that when you write down or build a visual aid and share your goals, when you make some ‘public’ statement about them, you provide for yourself an external incentive to ensure you stay on track, ride the inevitable low moments, become open to assistance and support, and take pride in both the journey and the result. A good tool to use when goal setting is to express your goals in a SMART criteria:

A SMART goal is: Specific, Measurable, Attractive, ie passionate, Realistic, Timed

What do YOU need fulfilled to help YOU support YOUR QUEST? 

In this ROQUE process, you have briefly surveyed what is happening in your life right now. You have identified initial options to give you the opportunity to do some steering in your life. You have made some choices as to which aspects of your life you are going to make decisions in and set goals. Now we look at the essential YOU, the person you have become this far based on your experience, your aspirations, preferences and nature. When your goals are in sync, in harmony with who you are, you will succeed as easily as being ‘in the zone’. When you perceive events as obstacles, deficiencies or other challenges however insignificant, the distractions will be less helpful to your mission. At QuestUniquE, we respect the journey you have come through. We encourage you also to acknowledge the essential current YOU. We support you in your reflections to enable you to achieve a transformative experience and perspective to support you in your journey forward.

Have you completed any personality preference inventory such as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and/or completed an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment? Do you have any other self impression through life experiences or reading etc? (Note these are not technical or professional skills. Rather they could be behavioural, habits, personal development etc). This section is about YOU as an individual human being. What specifically are YOUR personal needs?

What is your plan for Executing or Achieving YOUR goals? 

How committed are you to the goals you have chosen and set for yourself? Are you now aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Have you got actions in place to leverage and build on your talents, and change behaviours and attitudes that you consider to be obstacles? Are you so focused that in the event that life matters do impose, you can navigate your way to bring you back on track? Are you excited and eager and passionate? How ready are you to achieve your top three goals right now? How will you hold yourself accountable and to whom?

Making real or the realization of your QUEST starts with your VISUALIZATION of your supporting goals.

Results only materialize when you have absolute clarity of vision and purpose. When you have the ability to focus like a laser beam – shining a bright light on that specific intent, passionately energized with your WHOLE being. Then, you no longer have a QUEST or supporting Goals – You ARE the QUEST, the GOALS and the ACTIONS.
Can you ‘see’ your visualized goals AS ALREADY ACHIEVED with crystal clarity in your mind’s eye? Is it so real you can experience it with your senses? At this heightened state of awareness, there is no longer separation! To repeat, you ARE the goals and the QUEST you have chosen, decided, acted upon and made commitments to. Do not worry about the how! The process and means will become available when your actions uncover the pathways abundantly available, and previously hidden by the fog of confusion or lack of inner clarity. Your laser beam focus is shining so brightly and with such intensity that it cuts through obstacles within you and those you meet. You see only OPTIONS and signposts. You are in control of your own navigation to achieve, fulfill, enjoy and take responsibility.

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